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SubPos - A "Dataless" Wi-Fi Positioning System

Project: SubPos

SubPos is an extensible, open-source, Wi-Fi based indoor positioning system, that doesn’t require expensive licensing, specialised hardware, laborious area profiling or dependence on data connectivity (a connection to an online/offline location database is not required). With this, it also retains backwards compatibility with existing Wi-Fi access points and receivers.

The SubPos Standard defines an accurate method for subterraneous positioning in different environments by exploiting all the capabilities of Wi-Fi. Plug and play SubPos Nodes or existing Wi-Fi access points are used to transmit encoded positioning information in a standard Wi-Fi beacon frame, which is then used for passive, low-latency, location trilateration by a device of your choice (as long as it provides access to Wi-Fi scanning functionality).

Further developments are being made to increase the system’s accuracy using various techniques such as room zoning capabilities, dead reckoning and improved averaging functionality. A cost effective, extended ranging module is also in the works, to provide enhanced positioning accuracy and distance calculation between Nodes for hobbyist robotics applications.

A live demonstration with battery powered SubPos Nodes scattered about the presentation space will be shown. Audience members will be encouraged to try SubPos out on their own devices by downloading and running an Android demo application.

Blair Wyatt

A simulation systems engineer by day, a backyard electronics tinkerer by night. Blair’s life is a constant struggle to balance sleep, caffeine, work and play. By play, he means inhaling too many solder fumes and reverse engineering obscure network protocols into the wee hours of the morning.

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