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Functional Programming Miniconf

The Functional Programming (FP) Miniconf will provide the
opportunity for FP practitioners and people interested in FP to
learn the concepts, tools and techniques of FP in a supportive
environment, to be challenged in their thinking about programming
and the tools of the craft, and to be inspired to embrace the
advantages of FP in their workplaces and open source projects and

*Functional programming* is an approach to programming that models
computation as the evaluation of mathematical functions. Drawing
from fields of mathematics including lambda calculus and category
theory, FP emphasises *purity*, *immutability*, *abstraction* and
*composability* - qualities that underpin FP's reputation of
succinctness, comprehensibility and the ability to move fast and
*not* break things.

Call for Proposals

Please email proposals to ````. The standard talk
duration is 30 minutes *including time for questions*.

We are looking for talks that will interest FP newcomers and
experienced practitioners alike. Accordingly, we are unlikely to
accept proposals that assume significant prior knowledge of FP,
category theory, etc. As with the conference proper, all talks must
relate in some way to free/open source software.

In particular, we welcome proposals that:

- Teach FP concepts or techniques that are applicable in a variety
of languages, including languages not normally considered

- Blow minds with emerging tools or techniques, and introduce the
underlying theory.

- Clearly convey the benefits of FP for writing correct,
maintainable and high performance software.

- Demonstrate awesome open source programs or libraries written in a
functional programming language and expound important aspects of
their implementation.

- Educate attendees on how to learn or teach FP effectively.

Fraser Tweedale

Fraser is an identity management engineer at Red Hat where he works
on FreeIPA and Dogtag Certificate System. He is interested in
security and cryptography and cares about making it easier for
humans to use properly. By night Fraser writes programs in Haskell,
proves theorems in Coq and is gradually exploring dependent types,
category theory and other exciting intersections of mathematics and
computer science.

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