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Tutorial: Beginning with the Shell

Wiki Page: Tutorial: Beginning with the Shell

The Bourne shell is universally available on every Linux system, from the least-powerful embedded device, to the largest supercomputer.
In this tutorial, we'll cover the basics of:
The Shell's input: how it reads words, splits them, expands special stuff, etc.
Control flow: case, if, while, for
Common utilities: sed, awk, grep, test, find, xargs, etc

After some introductory material, we'll spend the time working together to build a simple server for fortunes/fables entirely in shell.
To see the result, do
telnet 8500

You will need to bring a laptop with you to do the exercises. I shall assume that you can edit a text file, and can get a terminal window going on your machine.

Peter Chubb

Peter started using Unix in 1979. His first open source patch was accepted into iSpell in 1986 (to add Australian spelling rules). For a long time he could not legally submit anything to the Linux kernel because of being mentally contaminated by the Unix source code. Fortunately the lawyers sorted that out in the end; and now he contributes to many open source projects, including the kernel.

Peter currently works for NICTA doing anything and everything to do with Linux.

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