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Using Linux features to make a hacker's life hard

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This presentation is aimed at arming System Administrators, Developers and Hobbyists with a collection of tools and techniques to thwart hackers post-exploitation using common Linux features.

Kayne has gathered a bunch of weird system tricks and found ways to use them to baffle, hoodwink, dishearten and perplex penetration testers like himself.

These tools range from unusual permissions and loopback filesystems to using recognised security applications like fail2ban in inventive ways.

Kayne Naughton

Kayne Naughton is a technologist and security researcher with 15 years experience across the education, government and finance industries. Since 2013 he has been running a start-up, Asymmetric Security, focused on making life easier for the good guys and more difficult for computer criminals.
Kayne is also a volunteer with the Shadowserver Foundation, a US based non-profit dedicated to keeping the internet safe. He is currently focused on penetration testing, researching cyber crime, and open source intelligence.
He started his career as a Linux and Solaris administrator at Deakin University and continues to work with and advocate for Open Source solutions to systems and security problems.

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