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Tutorial: The Power of Open Data with ELK

Project: ELK
Wiki Page: Tutorial: The Power of Open Data with ELK

Through the Declaration of Open Government, Australian citizens have been empowered with access to government data and information at both a local and national scale. This means Australian citizens can openly and freely access both historical and up-to-date information on areas that have a direct impact on themselves and their communities.

Our tutorial session will enable participants to run up an ELK stack to process a dataset from, and leave them with the skills to apply the stack to nearly any dataset. The ELK stack, which is comprised of the open-source software projects Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana is a powerful data and analytics platform that makes it easy to take structured and unstructured data and present it in beautiful ways. We’ll take a sample dataset from, feed it through Logstash, store it in Elasticsearch and then create a dashboard of visualisations from the data in Kibana.

At the end of the tutorial, participants will have enough knowledge to be able to adapt the process in the tutorial to other data from and will hopefully be inspired to start analysing the vast amounts of data that are readily available.

Participants should bring a laptop with Java 1.7 or 1.8 installed, it is assumed the attendee has basic Linux experience with shell and editor usage.
A set of files, including the ELK packages and the dataset, along with instructions will be made available by URL before the talk, and on USB thumbdrive on the day.

Presented by Joshua Rich and Mark Walkom.

Mark Walkom

Josh and Mark are both passionate open source users and advocates. They are the second and first hires for Elastic in Australia respectively, where they are part of a worldwide engineering team helping to build products that make search and analytics fun and powerful.

Josh previously worked at the National Computing Infrastructure in Canberra, after finishing his PhD in physics. He loves running Fedora on laptops, and monitoring network traffic when he's bored.

Mark spoke on ELK at LCA2015 and is commonly seen in the halls of many local conferences. Since last years talk he's rediscovered the joys of reading, and Batman Lego.

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