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Open Source Technologies in Neuroscience

Project: Open Source Technologies in Neuroscience

"With Simon Salinas"

In our Neuroscience research group, Linux has become a core technology for image processing and clinical study management. It is very suitable for tight research budgets, but our choice was dictated mainly by its excellent performance and reliability.

We have successfully implemented open source technology based systems (Linux, python, bash, DCMTK etc) which are very reliable, robust and scalable for handling the main dimensions of our work flow: (i.) Image processing, (ii.) visualization and (iii.) remote server management.

We will show how Linux has benefited Australian neuroscience research, not only by reducing costs, but also by improving the overall performance of highly relevant studies. While this talk highlights Linux/Open-Source applicability in Neuroscience, we believe the main concepts discussed could be applied to any other discipline, especially in scientific studies with an imaging component and high volumes of data.

Gagan Sharma

Gagan has extensive experience in different types of image processing applied to neuroscience. He has worked closely with some of the world leading experts in tractography and perfusion imaging. Gagan has contributed to the deployment of several -automated image processing machines- across Australia, NZ and Taiwan. He has also developed a template for perfusion image/signal calibration (presented at ISMRM workshop Amsterdam Holland,2012). His background is in Computer Science, with experience in IT network analysis (ENST Bretagne 2002-2004 France) and advanced system administration skills (Florey Institute 2007-2011). He is a knowledge and open source technology enthusiast, currently finishing a Masters in IT Project Management while responsible for the IT structure of clinical trials at RMH.

Simon has been working in neuroscience research since 2009 after completing his Engineering MSc at the University of Melbourne. His Engineering background was useful for the early projects in image processing, mainly for Matlab programming while being exposed to the power of Linux OS for the first time. Since then he has become proficient in bash scripting and other basic IT skills for managing clinical trials, PhD studies and advanced image processing for publications.

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