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Fuzz all the things!

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This presentation was inspired by two un-related incidents.

Firstly, in late 2014, the presenter received two separate bug reports of stack or heap overflows in well known and widely deployed pieces of Open Source software for which he was the maintainer. In both cases these bugs were found using the latest fuzzing tools, one of them being American Fuzzy Lop (AFL). Using AFL the presenter then found and fixed numerous other bugs in these two projects.

Then, in early 2015, as part of the Snowden relevations, the SSH protocol and/or common implementations like OpenSSH were briefly suspected of containing a flaw that was known only to the NSA. Fortunately this suspicion quickly fell out of favour but how can we know for sure that the NSA doesn't have an exploit for OpenSSH?

This open question led the presenter to try to figure out how to fuzz encrypted network protolcols like SSH. For OpenSSH, it turns out to be rather difficult but that is mainly a design flaw in OpenSSH itself. Software written to communicate over an encypted tunnel could easily be designed to make fuzzing relatively easy. The result is software that is more secure and robust.

This presentation will cover:

* What is fuzzing?
* What makes American Fuzzy Lop and the LLVM Fuzzer so much better than previous fuzzers?
* How do the GGC and Clang compiler's sanitizer options assist in the fuzzing process?
* Using American Fuzzy Lop as a file input fuzzer.
* Fuzzing network protocols (even encypted ones like SSH) with the LLVM Fuzzer.
* Integrating fuzzing into your standard development process.

Erik de Castro Lopo

Erik has been using Linux since 1995, released his first Free Software project (libsndfile) in 1998 and has contributed to numerous FOSS projects in C, C++, Python, Ocaml and Haskell.

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