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Linux driven microwave

Project: Lod's Microwave (cool name yet to be decided)

Imagine a microwave that can defrost a steak without cooking the outside edges, heat a mug of milk without letting it boil over and download a chocolate self saucing pudding from the internet and guide you through the preparation steps.

The modern microwave hasn't substantially changed since the 70s. Despite improvements in screens they still uniformly use a four character display. My phone has an advanced multilayer interface - my microwave has fixed buttons that can't adapt. My electric scales cost $10 - my microwave asks for the weight in pounds. Electronic thermometers are sold in the impulse purchase section of Kmart - my microwave requires me to watch the milk to ensure that it doesn't boil over.

Reworking all the non-heating parts allows the microwave to be brought into this century. Switching to a lcd touchscreen substantially improves the user interface. Building in a set of scales improves the existing auto functions. Adding a thermal camera allows the functionality to be transformed enabling temperature based cooking control, food to be kept warm and really awesome pictures. Throwing in a network cable allows for remote control, access to online information and hackers to play.

Readily available open source hardware enables this kind of development to be done quickly and cheaply. The banana-pi provides the complex electronics, Linux just needs a microwave driver.

David Tulloh

David has experience in electronics design, embedded software development, manufacturing and product bringup. Working for a GPS component design company he produced hundreds of thousands of low cost devices. More recently at a large defence contractor he produced hundreds of complex devices.

Now living in Geelong as a kept man breathing life into his delusions by designing and building new products.

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