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Preventing Cat-astrophes with GNU MediaGoblin

Project: GNU MediaGoblin

What woul happen to all the cat videos if YouTube were to disappear? It would be a cat-atstrophe!

GNU MediaGoblin is a free software media publishing platform — an alternative to centralised, censored and surveilled systems like Flickr, YouTube and SoundCloud. MediaGoblin gives people privacy, choice and control of their own media, something we need now more than ever.

This talk will explore the current status of GNU MediaGoblin, the technical challenges in implementing fully decentralised sharing and commenting through the API as well as work to lower the Python deployment barrier to empower normal people to escape the centralised systems.

Ben Sturmfels

Ben Sturmfels is a business owner, software engineer and free software activist from Ballarat, Australia. He organises Free Software Melbourne, leads the End Software Patents Australia campaign and contributes to GNU MediaGoblin.

Geelong 2016

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