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Creating bespoke logging systems and dashboards with Grafana, in fifteen minutes

Grafana is an open source, highly configurable, web charts dashboard.
Grafana can be used to monitor not just the usual suspects such as collectd but Internet of Things data sources using MQTT or similar protocols, and is easily extended with minimal effort.
Grafana can be configured to use a variety of backend data stores, including Carbon, an alternative to RRD.
In this talk I'll complete a live demonstration, starting from a fresh Ubuntu 14 VM with Docker installed, where I will install and setup Graphite using Carbon to log both host CPU resources and MQTT feeds and create a custom dashboard to suit.

Andrew McDonnell

Andrew McDonnell is a professional software engineer with two decades experience. He spent some years before that hacking code, after receiving a Commodore 64 for Christmas at age 12. He has significant experience programming in C++, Java and Python and a multitude of scripting languages, and will try almost anything. Outside of family and work he sometimes has time to play with his collection of 8-bit and PC/XT-vintage computers; computing and electronics has always been his passion. In recent times he has managed to assemble a 3D printer and tinker with embedded systems, muttering about their lack of security. He intermittently maintains a blog at sometimes posting how he solved a problem in the hope it may be useful to someone else.
His aim for 2015 was to win a t-shirt from hackaday. By coming to his talk you can find out if he was successful!

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