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Practical Functional Architecture

Functional Programming presents a thesis for how programs should be organised, removing mutation and other side-effects in order to make them simpler and easier to reason about.

While this may be imaginable in the small, it seems far lees obvious how to apply this in the large to real-world systems we build, systems that process and query data, systems that are going through constant apparent change.

What are the techniques and tools of functional programming that we can bring to bear upon these problems? How do they make our lives simpler? We’ll look at how these ideas are crucial to building any reliable software.

Jed Wesley-Smith

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Geelong 2016

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About Geelong

Geelong is Victoria's second largest city, located on Corio Bay, and within a short drive from popular beach-front communities on the Bellarine Peninsula as well as being the gateway to the famous Great Ocean Road

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